Modernization Roadmap Starts with “A” for “Assessment”

BrandPost By Brandon Edenfield
Jul 09, 20142 mins
Enterprise Applications

When embarking on a project, whether short or long term, it’s always tempting to focus on the end goal. After all, when everyone involved (vendors, IT, business line stakeholders, etc.) understands the destination, it increases the chances of success. It also creates a vision of what your business desires, and sets the stage for IT to build a solid architecture roadmap.

However, the best results occur when you not only have a clear view of the end goal, but also a realistic understanding of your starting point. This is why it’s important to conduct a present state assessment when building and implementing your application modernization roadmap.

While there are differing approaches to conducting a portfolio assessment, there are common key components that must be understood in order to establish a clear view of the present state. For instance, you should take inventory of your existing applications and platforms by mapping your IT architecture. It’s also important to understand your business environment and processes that underpin the application to be modernized.

Dell offers a comprehensive portfolio assessment service that can help you take this crucial first step with confidence. Our consultants use unique software technology to analyze your source code assets, data structures, use cases and functional interdependencies. We also use advanced tools such as video capturing, business process and use-case modeling, as well as deep linking. This 360-degree analysis creates a complete picture of how users interact with your application and how it achieves your objectives.

Our technology also tracks application assets, changes and revisions during your implementation to help ensure that all information is up-to-date and available to all stakeholders at any project stage.

Receiving guidance from a partner that has completed the process successfully can help your organization tremendously. In addition, conducting a realistic assessment will tell you where issues exist, what the most pressing needs are and where the strengths reside. With or without help, the goal is to not only understand where potential opportunities for modernization exist, but also to identify the most effective ways to align IT to support your business goals and objectives.