by Thor Olavsrud

Forget Five 9s, Splunk Promises 100 Percent Uptime

Aug 06, 20143 mins
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With its new service level agreement, Splunk assures its Splunk Cloud customers that their machine data analytics will be available 100 percent of the time. Splunk reports that is is also cutting costs and adding making its service tiers more flexible.

Operational intelligence specialist Splunk says its customers need to know that that the data platforms they depend on to monitor their environments are completely reliable, so it’s putting its money where its mouth is. Today, the company unveiled a 100 percent uptime service level agreement (SLA) for Splunk Cloud.

“Organizations cannot afford downtime on data platforms that monitor their applications, infrastructure and services,” says Guido Schroeder, senior vice president of Products at Splunk.

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“This is the industry’s first 100 percent uptime SLA for machine data,” adds Praveen Rangnath, director of product marketing for Splunk Cloud. “It provides assurance to all of our customers that their operational analytics will be available to them whenever they need it.”

Splunk Cloud is a cloud version of the company’s Splunk Enterprise software. Features include monitoring and alerting, role-based access controls, data model/pivot, knowledge mapping, report acceleration, visibility across on-premise and cloud deployments, anomaly detection, pattern matching, high availability and robust REST APIs.

Splunk Says New Pricing Passes Savings to Customers

In addition to the new SLA, Splunk is slashing the pricing by 33 percent on the cloud version of its platform. Rangnath says the reduction is the result of operational efficiencies Splunk gained in the first nine months of running the cloud service.

“We’re committed to always increasing the value for our customers,” he says. “We’re a customer-first company. We’ve gained a lot of operational efficiency running this service in the past nine months and we’re happy to share those with our customers.”

Splunk also unveiled new service plans for Splunk Cloud. First, Splunk is offering the new Splunk Online Sandbox, which lets customers get started with Splunk Cloud for free for 15 days, using their own data — if they prefer — data preloaded by Splunk. After 15 days, they can start the service with a plan that allows them to index 5GB per day for $675 a month. Companies that need more can scale up to indexing as much as 5TB of data per day with up to 10x data bursting.

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“MindTouch tested several machine data analytics services on the market and none except Splunk Cloud could handle the rigors of serious enterprise demands,” says Aaron Fulkerson, founder and CEO of MindTouch, provider of a customer self-service support solution. “Our products are mission-critical to our customers, and the 100 percent uptime delivered by Splunk Cloud helps us meet our customers’ expectations to be online all the time. Splunk Cloud has helped us to deliver 24/7 reliability.”

MindTouch relies on Splunk Cloud to collect and analyze its machine data. It can then use the platform to monitor its cloud-based software in real-time and deliver business analytics to its customers.

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