Shootout at the TCO Corral

A recent dust up in which VMware accused Amazon's AWS model of "biases and inaccuracies" is par for the course. The more important underlying question: "How do IT buyers protect themselves from making faulty decisions based on these slanted TCO and ROI claims?"
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Bill Kirwin is a consultant with over twenty-five years of experience in IT research and consulting with an emphasis on Total Cost of Ownership, IT finance, risk analysis, management of IT, and the impact of disruptive technologies. Mr. Kirwin has experience advising large enterprises globally on IT management issues from the data center to the desktop. He also has over fifteen years experience in IT management and technology sales and support.

Bill is acknowledged as the creator of the IT Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) methodology and corresponding models. His work at Gartner over a twenty year tenure led to the establishment of TCO as an industry standard for calculating IT costs across all IT platforms. Since Gartner, he has continued to provide thought leadership as a researcher on the economic and financial impact of new IT paradigms such as Cloud IT, Mobile and Big Data. Bill has recently worked in vendor professional services (PSO) programs in the field developing and presenting vendor ROI models and consulting with vendors on their TCO/ROI programs. He is currently the founder and CEO of the International Institute of IT Economics.

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