by CIO Staff

Microsoft Boosts Corporate Messaging Safeguards

Mar 30, 20061 min
IT Strategy

Microsoft is offering new and improved versions of its software suites designed to protect and archive e-mail, instant messages and other corporate electronic transmissions, the Associated Press reports via the New York Post.

Formerly known as FrontBridge Technologies, the Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services suite is made up of four offerings designed to help organizations cut down on unsolicited e-mail, viruses and other scumware, as well as collect and order messages for compliance, according to the AP.

The four products must be purchased via the Web, instead of the typical form of software that users must install, the AP reports. Such software is becoming more and more common because it’s typically easy to install and update, and it’s cheaper on average, according to the AP.

Microsoft says the new offerings are designed to work in conjunction with companies’ existing message security safeguards, the AP reports.

The suite will be available in most countries on the first of April.

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