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Dell Rolls Out New Business Notebooks

Mar 29, 20062 mins

Dell Wednesday rolled out new notebook computers that are based on Intel’s Core Duo processors and add new wireless connectivity and security features.

On the wireless side, the new notebooks—the Dell Latitude D620 and D820—add optional built-in connectivity to wireless broadband technology. Businesses can choose among cellular carriers such as Cingular Wireless and Verizon Wireless in the United States and Vodafone Group in Europe.

Although connectivity to 3G (third-generation) high-speed networks is still limited or not available in many cities, the laptops support Verizon’s EVDO (Evolution Data Only) and Cingular’s HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) data transmission standards. Cellular modems cost about $200, plus the cost of service plans.

The new broadband option is appealing to Michael Haga, regional network medical director for Care Level Management, a health-care group based in Woodland Hills, Calif., which provides physician house calls for elderly patients.

“We’re excited about the integration with mobile broadband. We’ve had so many cards smashed into PCMCIA slots, so this will reduce the need for support and allow us to connect in patients’ homes at the point of care,” Haga said.

The notebooks, which also have built-in 802.11b/g wireless connectivity, add a new feature called the “Wi-Fi Catcher” that helps users detect available Wi-Fi hotspots without booting up their machines.

On the security side, Dell added an optional biometric fingerprint reader for businesses looking for an additional tool to protect their data.

The D620 weighs approximately 4.4 pounds (1.9 kilograms) and has a 14.1-inch (35.8-centimeter) wide-aspect XGA (Extended Graphics Array) display. The D820 starts around 5.6 pounds and has a 15.4-inch wide-aspect XGA display.

The D620 is priced in the United States starting at $1,149, and the D820 starts at $1,289.

Dell also took the wraps off two mobile workstations with high-performance graphics support. The Dell Precision M90 and M65 workstations are also based on Intel Core Duo processors and include optional, built-in mobile broadband support. The M90, with its 17-inch wide-aspect display, starts at $2,239, while the M65, with a 15.4-inch wide-aspect display, starts at $1,849.

-Shelley Solheim, IDG News Service

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