by Susannah Patton

Cities planning Wi-Fi networks

Apr 01, 20062 mins

Portland, Ore.

Has issued an RFP to build a Wi-Fi network.

San Francisco

Has issued an RFP to build a Wi-Fi network. Google has expressed interest.

Silicon Valley

In a joint venture, local officials and business executives plan to issue an RFP for a regional Wi-Fi network by summer 2006.

Lafayette, La.

Announced in 2004 that it would extend its existing fiber-optic broadband network to small businesses and homes.

New Orleans

The hurricane-ravaged city announced that it would deploy a city-owned Wi-Fi network.

Miami Beach, Fla.

Announced July 2005 plans to build a Wi-Fi network for public workers and residents in certain “hot zones.”


A Wi-Fi network will be built by EarthLink.

New Haven, Conn.

Issued an RFP.

Akron and Dayton, Ohio

Wi-Fi networks are being built by private companies.


Seeking bidders to provide Wi-Fi broadband service across the city.


Negotiating with a private company to build a Wi-Fi network.ColoradoLaw signed June 2005 places restrictions on municipalities trying to offer telecom and broadband services.NebraskaLaw passed June 2005 prohibits any division of the state that is not a public power supplier from providing broadband, Internet, telecom or cable service.Louisiana Legislation signed July 2005 places constraints on municipalities proposing broadband services. (Lafayette exempted.)Florida Law signed June 2005 imposes taxes on telecom services sold by public entities.Pennsylvania Law passed last year says that cities and towns “may not provide to the public” any broadband or wireless services if a fee is charged. (Philadelphia exempted.)