by CIO Staff

Survey: IT Worker Confidence Dropping

Mar 08, 20062 mins
IT Leadership

Confidence among IT workers has dropped over the last two months, according to the Hudson Employment Index, a monthly telephone survey of roughly 9,000 workers across all industries

According to the group’s March 8 release, all of the factors that influence the Index also fell, including hiring expectations, views regarding personal finance, job security and satisfaction.

A few of the survey’s notable findings are as follows:

-The number of IT workers who rated their finances as “poor” climbed five points since last month to 15 percent.

-The number of IT workers who said their employers had plans to hire fell by 3 points since January to 33 percent.

-Fewer IT workers felt secure in their jobs in February, with 28 percent of them expressing concerns, compared to the 22 percent at the beginning of 2006.

-The number of IT workers who expressed happiness with their jobs dropped by 2 points in February to 73 percent.

Though optimism for IT workers continued to droop, confidence among the overall workforce increased in February, according to the Index.

The findings were based on phone surveys of 9,536 American workers during the month of February. Of those workers, 443 were in the IT industry.

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