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BlackBerry Suit Settlement Reached

Mar 03, 20061 min
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The millions of BlackBerry users across the United States who have been anxiously awaiting word on whether the popular device’s maker, Research In Motion, would be forced to sever its U.S. sales and service can stop biting their nails. 

On Friday, RIM said it would pay NTP, the patent company that filed suit against RIM for infringement, $612.5 million to end the long-running dispute between the two companies, reports.

The announcement came one week after a much anticipated hearing in which U.S. District Court Judge James Spencer was expected to issue a final ruling, but instead granted an extension to allow the two companies to reach an agreement on their own terms.

As a part of the settlement, RIM will be allowed to continue its service in the United States, according to

RIM said the ruling is final and no further court proceeds will be necessary, reports.

BlackBerry users rejoice!

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