by CIO Staff

Visit Tech LinkLetter at its new location–and update your RSS feed

Mar 01, 20061 min
Data Center

After several months of development, CIO has launched its update blog site, at

There you’ll find the new home of Tech LinkLetter along with old favorites such as Meridith Levinson’s Movers and Shakers, Lorraine Cosgrove Ware’s The Numbers Never Lie, and Christopher Koch’s IT Strategy.  You’ll also discover our newest blogs, including Elana Varon’s Practical Innovation and Ben Worthen’s Net Effect.

This is an exciting change for us, but it means some changes for you as well. Our RSS feeds have shifted to a new server. This link will take you to the new Tech LinkLetter RSS feed. Visit for feeds to the rest of our blogs.


Christopher Lindquist

Technology Editor