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Microsoft Patent Clash Yields IE Update

Mar 01, 20062 mins

Microsoft corporate headquarters and logo
Credit: Mike Blake/Reuters

On Tuesday, Microsoft released an Internet Explorer (IE) update pertaining to a long-running patent lawsuit filed by Eolas Technologies, an Internet startup, and the University of Calif., CNET reports.

The update alters the way that some Web pages are displayed on users’ PCs, by changing how IE processes Internet programs called ActiveX controls, according to CNET

The Redmond, Wash.-based computer giant suggests that users install the update so they don’t have to perform extra clicks to view specific Web content, like Macromedia Flash-based animations, CNET reports.

“We expect these changes will have little to no impact on customer experience and partner applications,” a Microsoft representative told CNET on Tuesday.

Microsoft issued the update as damage control in the suit filed against it by Eolas, and it’s expecting another trail related to the case to begin later this year, CNET reports.  Last March, a federal appeals court partially reversed another lower court’s ruling that ordered Microsoft to pay some $500 million in damages to Eolas, according to CNET

In September, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled that the Eolas patent at issue was valid, CNET reports.

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