by Gary Beach

Leaders Are Made, Not Born; Our Conference Helps Make Them

Mar 01, 20062 mins
IT Leadership

To paraphrase H. Ross Perot, IT infrastructure can be managed; people must be led.

CIOs may have access to hot technologies and big, fat, multimillion-dollar budgets, but unless they know how to lead people, they remain managers, not leaders.

From May 8–10 at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Mass., CIO magazine and the CIO Executive Council will host the 2006 CIO Leadership Conference and introduce the new class of “Ones to Watch,” the magazine and Council’s pick of the best and brightest up-and-coming IT leaders.

CIOs have unique leadership challenges. They must be astute technologists, but they must be even more astute business-savvy executives. No, make that business-savvy leaders.

They must also be multilingual. They have to speak the language of executive boards, line-of-business executives, shareholders, partners, staff and customers. We aim to share with conference attendees just how to speak effectively to all of these varied constituencies.

The agenda for the CIO Leadership Conference will focus squarely on how great IT leaders are made, bringing together a unique collection of leading thinkers and practitioners. Sessions, presentations and, most important, hallway conversations will help those who attend elevate their leadership status within their businesses.

Are you interested in becoming a leader? Or being a better one? Join us in May at the 2006 CIO Leadership Conference. I promise you the experience will elevate your leadership aspirations and skills.

Registration information and the conference agenda can be found at leaders/rsvp.

See you there.