by CIO Staff

IBM to Produce Smaller, More Powerful Chips

Feb 21, 20061 min
Data Center

On Monday, IBM announced that it can now produce microchips that are smaller and more powerful than previously thought possible, reports via The Register.

The development could save IT manufacturing firms billions of dollars in production costs.

The size and speed of a chip depends on the distance between circuit-lines that chip-producers “draw” onto a computer processor, reports.  IBM claims it can now draw these lines closer together than in the past, according to

The current methods for drawing circuit-lines are not expected to work on chips with a size of less than 32 nanometers, reports; however, using the new technique, IBM Research staffers have been able to draw on a processor that is only 29.9 nanometers.

The new technology draws circuit-lines onto processors in a fashion that’s not unlike the way t-shirt designs are screen-printed, according to

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