by CIO Staff

Report: $20B in Set-Asides for IT Firms

Feb 16, 20062 mins

A report released today by market research firm Input predicts IT firms that qualify for federal set-asides will receive more than $20 billion in government awards in fiscal year 2006, according to the group Feb. 15 release.

Input estimates that more than $14 billion in set-aside contracts will be in the professional services area, accounting for roughly 70 percent of the total FY 2006 set-aside awards.

“As government solidifies mechanisms for fulfilling set-aside category goals, competition for these prime reserve dollars is increasing,” Megan Gamse, manager, defense opportunities for Input, said in the release. “Last fiscal year, Input tracked more than $11.6 billion in federal technology set-aside opportunities. Given some key programs to help government-wide set-aside goal achievement, total technology set-aside contractual value is anticipated to increase by more than 43 percent from last year.”

Input’s estimates are based on the total expected value of contracts awarded in 2006, and for government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs) and other unspecified delivery contracts, Input based its estimates on the ceiling value.

Some of the larger anticipated professional services set-aside opportunities in 2006 are expected on the behalf of the U.S. Army and Airforce, according to Input.

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