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BlackBerry Customers Unfazed by Legal Troubles

Feb 15, 20062 mins
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The ongoing legal battle between Research In Motion (RIM), maker of the BlackBerry handheld, and NTP, a patent holding company that’s suing RIM for infringement, did not deter consumers from purchasing BlackBerrys in 2005, according to research firm Gartner, CNET reports.

Todd Kort, a Gartner principal analyst said RIM shipped some 3.2 million BlackBerry units last year, up 46 percent from the 2.2 million shipped in 2004, according to CNET

Palm, the leader in the worldwide PDA market in 2004, was overtaken by RIM for the top seat, as its shipments dropped more than 25 percent, CNET reports.

The market share numbers Gartner took into account include wireless PDAs, like the BlackBerry 8700, which is primarily employed for data; but they exclude smart phones, such as Palm’s Treo and the BlackBerry 7100, typically used for voice calls, CNET reports.  This slants the numbers slightly, since Palm has focused on its Treo smart phone offerings recently, straying away from the traditional PDA market.  In 2005, Palm shipped some 1.95 million Treos, more than doubling the units shipped in 2004, CNET reports.

The numbers also don’t take into account the roughly 858,000 BlackBerry 7100 units that were shipped last year, because that smart phone product was not included in Gartner’s tabulations, according to Kort.  Not including the BlackBerry 7100 series smart phones, RIM owns some 21.4 percent of the market, CNET reports.

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