by CIO Staff

Yahoo Will Address Internet Rights

Feb 14, 20061 min

One day before it’s set to testify before Congress on corporate wheelings-and-dealings overseas, Yahoo plans to release a statement highlighting the company’s position in support of openness and freedom of speech, The New York Times reports.

The company’s planned statement comes shortly after a number of highly-publicized incidents involving the Chinese government.  For background, read Yahoo May Have Helped Jail Another Chinese User and Critic: Yahoo’s Role in Jailing Journalist Overblown.

Yahoo and three other technology firms are scheduled to appear before a House human rights subcommittee on Wednesday, to discuss their business in China, The Times reports.

“We are deeply concerned by efforts of governments to restrict and control open access to information and communication,” read an advanced copy of Yahoo’s statement.  “We also firmly believe the continued presence and engagement of companies like Yahoo is a powerful force in promoting openness and reform.”

For more on Internet censorship, read U.S. Lawmaker Battles Chinese Internet Censorship and Firms Ask Gov’t to Stand Against Censorship.

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