by CIO Staff

Security Firm Begins Implanting RFID Tags Into Employees

Feb 10, 20062 mins
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You show up at work one day and your boss says you need to undergo a surgical procedure if you want to keep your job. You’re not a surgeon with failing eyes who needs Lasik. You’re not a pro ballplayer with a torn rotator cuff. You’re an employee at a security company, and if you want to get into the data center you’ll need to have an implanted Verichip RFID tag. (Apparently the company has stated it’s not mandatory–only if you want to get into the data center, which would seem to make it mandatory for at least some employees.)

I’m sure some of you, the resigned, are shrugging right now, having made peace with the fact that personal privacy is a thing of the past. You may also be quietly pleased that you’ll never need worry about leaving your card key at home again unless you somehow manage to misplace your arm.  At the other extreme are the outraged; those who feel that unless they fight back now–and hard–the shreds of privacy we still maintain will soon fall away, leaving all of us completely exposed whether we like it or not.

I’ll be interested to see if anyone at the security firm quits–and goes public–over this. It has to happen someday, and soon. Then will come the inevitable lawsuits. And once we have some caselaw, things will really get interesting, or terrifying, depending on the outcome and your point of view.