by CIO Staff

Boston Pushes for Municipal WiFi

Feb 10, 20061 min

The Mayor of Boston, Thomas M. Menino has assembled a task force to form a plan for a citywide wireless network, The Boston Globe reports.

Joyce Plotkin, president of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, will co-chair the task force, along with Jim Cash, a former professor from Harvard Business School, and Rick Burnes, co-founder of Charles River Ventures, a venture capital firm, The Globe reports.

“Technology should be the greatest equalizer, a community resource that gives everyone the opportunity to enhance their lives,” Menino told more than 250 people at a meeting of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.

Menino expects the task force to report back to him this summer with plans for the network, and a timetable for when it would be available.

Boston follows the lead of other major cities, like Philadelphia and San Francisco, in mounting a push towards citywide WiFi. 

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