by CIO Staff

IBM Introduces Gaming Chip-based Corp. Computers

Feb 08, 20061 min
Computers and Peripherals

On Wednesday, computer big shot IBM said it is producing new computing systems based on powerful video-game microchips that will increase the processing power of corporate data centers, Reuters reports.

The systems could open new doors for many businesses, such as those in medical and military sectors, as companies continue to employ more demanding and graphics-intensive applications, Reuters said.

A Cell processor, developed by IBM, Toshiba and Sony, drives the new systems.  The processor is the same that powers Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, due for release later this year.

“We see a commercial application for that Cell processor” in corporate data centers, Douglas Balog, vice president of IBM’s BladeCenter business, told Reuters.

The systems, named BladeCenter H, will enable business to move 10 times the amount of data across their networks as existing systems can, Reuters said.

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