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Report Announces Top Tech Jobs, Wages.

Feb 07, 20062 mins
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Hourly wages for technology professionals increased by 3.1 percent, to an average of $20.27, between October 10, 2005 and November 6, 2005, according to the Yoh Index of Technology Wages, ExtremeTech reports.

Wages for “high-impact technology professionals” jumped nearly 11 percent since the start of first quarter 2001, ExtremeTech reports.

The most desirable positions include SAP functional consultants, data warehouse architects, CRM managers, and hardware/firmware engineers, among others.

“Ending 2005 with the highest wage for skilled technology professionals recorded in five years is a high water mark for the industry,” said Yoh’s vice president of strategy and marketing, Jim Lanzalotto.  “Despite major economic setbacks during the year, the technology industry has demonstrated its strength and confirmed its power to propel the employment market in a positive direction.”

Yoh is an IT outsourcing firm based in Philadelphia.

The Yoh Index is assembled using data from over 5,000 technology professionals outsourced on short- and long-term projects by more than 1,000 employers in a number of industries including engineering, IT, manufacturing and telecommunications, ExtremeTech said.

According to ExtremeTech, here’s a list of Yoh’s top ten tech positions with the highest employer demand in Q4 2005, along with the accompanying average hourly wages:

  • Clinical Research Associate  —  $38.53
  • Data Manager  —  $45.06
  • CRM Project Manager  —  $62.01
  • Data Warehouse Architect  —  $69.03
  • Hardware/Firmware Engineer  —  $59.34
  • .NET Developer  —  $45.77
  • Oracle Database Administrator  —  $55.82
  • Project Manager  —  $57.07
  • SAP Functional Consultant  —  $75.09
  • Senior Scientist  —  $43.76

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