by CIO Staff

Volkswagen, Google Develop In-Car Navigation

Feb 06, 20061 min
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On Friday, Volkswagen’s American division announced that it had joined forces with Google to develop an in-car navigation system, Reuters reports.

The system will be based on Google’s satellite mapping service, Google Earth, and will offer a three dimensional display that allows users to recognize their positions amongst surrounding topography, Reuters reports.

Volkswagen and Google are currently developing the system with the assistance of graphics chipmaker, Nvidia, Reuters reports, though spokespeople from the German auto giant did not confirm the technology would be used in its vehicles.

Volkswagen is also working on a number of additional features, like personalized system information updates.

The prototype was showcased in January at Las Vegas’ International Consumer Electronics Show.

Google Earth was first introduced last June, and since its inception, the system has garnered International controversy from a wide array of governments, such as India’s and South Korea’s, because of its capability to provide detailed aerial images of landmarks, like airports.

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