by CIO Staff

Silicon Valley May Go Wireless

Jan 27, 20062 mins

A gathering of Silicon Valley civic and business leaders are looking to build a regional wireless network, Reuters reports.

The San Mateo County Telecommunications Authority, computer chip producer Intel and a technology civic group deemed Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network, compose the Smart Valley coalition.  The coalition plans to garner bids from Internet service providers (ISPs) to create the high-speed, wireless data canopy that would envelop the region. The idea is to search out vendors for fee-based of advertising-supported plans that would not require taxpayers to reach into their coffers. Similar efforts to build wireless networks in Philadelphia and San Francisco have been successful.

“Smart Valley is looking for wireless Internet service providers and other technology suppliers to come up with a business model or a mix that pays for the services,” said Intel Spokesman Mark Pettinger. “Who provides it, what they provide, when they provide it, how much they provide it for has not been decided.”

The network would stretch some 1,500 square miles, from San Mateo to San Cruz, and would allow consumers to use computers, phones or other handhelds wirelessly around the region.  Local law enforcement and other officials would also have access to the network for various emergency response or public works services.

-Al Sacco