by CIO Staff

Web Surfing at Work = Poor Job Performance

Jan 24, 20061 min

MP3s. Video games. Even pornography.  Are you downloading any-or all-of these things at work?  Nearly 20 percent of government staff in one Malaysian state are, according to Bernama, the Malaysian national news agency, the Associated Press reports.

Bernama says that the Internet surfing habits of government employees in the Johor state are a main cause of less-than-adequate employee performance.  Namely, large file downloads have significantly slowed the government’s computer system, said Norsiah Harun, a high-level state official.

Harun stressed that the Johor government is taking the issue very seriously, and said, “government staff are also reminded not to take too long during morning and afternoon breaks.”

So if you’re on the iTunes site right now, and you’re break ended 10 minutes ago, you best get back to work.  Your boss might be reading this article, too.

-Al Sacco