by CIO Staff

Introducing the Venture Watch Blog

Nov 03, 20052 mins
Venture Capital

About a month ago, I sat down with the CEO of a promising startup in the blogging space and asked him a rhetorical question: “What is it about blogging that makes it so interesting?”  After pointing out the staggering adoption of blogs, among corporations and individuals alike, he captured for me what is the essence of a blog’s appeal: “It’s a new form of communication.  It’s about capturing a conversation that wasn’t ever captured before.”  As I pondered his answer, I tucked away the notion, thinking about all of my “conversations” worthy of capturing in a blog.  Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I am on a plane flying home after our annual CIO Council offsite in Las Vegas, when I got to thinking: VCs and CIOs.  VCs, CIOs and a blog.  A blog about enterprise technology, with VCs and CIOs as the participants in the conversation…hmmm.

As a venture capital firm with a significant focus on enterprise technology, we spend a significant amount of time evaluating startups on the cutting edge of technology that are solving big, meaningful problems that ultimately benefit CIOs and their organizations.  To that end, we’ve been maintaining our own intimate conversation with a closely knit group of CIOs for some time, as you can see in this articlefrom CIO magazine.

 As my fellow VC David Cowan puts it in the tagline of his blog, “Venture Capital is harder than it looks.  That’s why I’ve decided to try the open source approach.”  So with that in mind, my firm, along with our friends at CIO magazine, have embarked on this effort to foster this conversation between VCs and CIOs. 

In the coming weeks, look to this blog as the place where you will hear from me and my partners about our perspective on new trends and technologies impacting the enterprise and the interesting startups leading the charge.  And of course, you should also look to this blog as the place where you can give us your feedback: trends that you care about, interesting startups that may have crossed your path, and topics that you’d like to see us address.  In the end, our goal is to involve everyone, and create a dialogue that benefits everyone who cares about technology and its impact on the enterprise.

We’re looking forward to the conversation.