by CIO Staff

T-Mobile Aims to Stop Call Record Sales

Jan 24, 20061 min
IT Leadership

T-Mobile, the nation’s number four wireless carrier, has requested that a Washington state court issue an injunction that would prevent companies from using fraudulent means to obtain and distribute T-Mobile customer records, Reuters reports.

On Monday, T-Mobile announced that it had asked the court for an injunction against 1st Source Information Specialists, Data Find Solutions and related companies and individuals.  T-Mobile alleges that 1st Source and Data Find Solutions owned or operated websites, such as and, which sold its customer records.

Sources at 1st Source declined to comment and representatives of Data Find Solutions were unavailable, Reuters reports.

“To further safeguard the privacy of our customers, T-Mobile is taking action to prosecute these online data brokers to the fullest extent permitted by law,” said Dave Miller, T-Mobile’s senior vice president and general counsel.

Officials with the state attorneys general and the Federal Communications Commission, among others, are currently determining what, if any, laws were broken by companies who obtained cell phone records and distributed them.  A number of lawmakers in the Senate and the House of Representatives are also drafting legislation to make it illegal to do so.

-Al Sacco