by CIO Staff

Apple iWork is MS Office #1 Rival

Jan 24, 20061 min
Enterprise Applications

Though Corel tags its WordPerfect Office software as “the world’s leading alternative to Microsoft Office,” U.S. retail sales tell a different story altogether.  According to NPD, a market researcher, Corel ceded the number two spot to an unlikely competitor: Apple’s iWork, CNET reports.

Apple took a 2.7 percent units share, while Corel grabbed only a 1.6 percent share, NPD reports.  Microsoft maintained its stranglehold on the market with nearly 95 percent of unit sales.

Chris Swenson, an analyst with NPD, noted that Apple’s share is particularly noteworthy because iWork only runs on Macs, which account for a very small percentage of the world’s computers. 

“Apple’s success for iWork has been pretty surprsing,” Swenson said.  “I think Corel has their work cut out for them.”

-Al Sacco