by CIO Staff

Lenovo Offers Desktop PCs Through Retailers

Jan 23, 20061 min
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In an attempt to bolster is retail market presence, Lenovo will offer two ThinkCentre desktop personal computers (PCs) through Micro Center, a computer retailer, CNET News.comreports.

Lenovo will sell two E50 series ThinkCentre PCs at various Micro Center locations. These PCs are the first offered through retailers by Lenovo, or IBM, since the late 1990s when IBM pulled its Aptiva computer from store shelves due to heavy losses in its PC division. Earlier this year, Lenovo purchased the division.

The E50 9215A1U will feature Intel’s Celeron 331 processor and 256MB of memory, and will go for at about $459 at Micro Center. The higher-end PC includes Intel’s Pentium 4 519 processor and double the memory of the its low-end counterpart. It will sell for $719.

Lenovo is the third-largest PC vendor in the world, behind Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

–Al Sacco