by CIO Staff

Bank Call Center Jobs Moved to Texas, Costa Rica

Jan 19, 20061 min

Yesterday, Washington Mutual informed some 1,000 call center employees in Chatsworth, Calif. that their jobs were moving to Texas and Costa Rica, the Los Angeles Times reports. The employees won’t necessarily be allowed to follow and stay employed.

The move was made to cut cost, company officials said.

Starting in March, the positions will be shifted, with some employees offered new jobs in San Antonio and others no more than job-search assistance.

Washington Mutual Spokesperson Gary Kishner would not provide a specific number of positions in San Antonio that will be offered to current employees.

Chairman and Chief Executive Kerry Killinger, called the move a part of Washington Mutual’s effort to improve its back-office and support operations.

The bank currently employees 1,600 workers overseas in Costa Rica, India, Canada and the Philippines.

“We expect that to grow to more than 6,000 over the next two years,” Killinger said.

–Al Sacco