by CIO Staff

Microsoft Releases Vista Tech For Developers

Jan 19, 20061 min
DeveloperEnterprise Applications

On Wednesday, Microsoft granted developers access to a significant component of Windows Vista, the company’s newest operating system, CNETreports. 

Months ahead of time, the company posted near-final versions of two software development technologies that are a crucial part of WinFX, the main programming model that will be released with Vista, which is slated to ship in late 2006.

WinFX takes Microsoft’s existing .NET programming model and combines it with new tools for simple software linking over the Internet, displaying data and creating business systems.

The two technologies that were released are named Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF).  WCF uses Web services to link server-based systems, while WWF maps business processes to network applications.

Ari Bixhorn, Microsoft’s director of Web services strategy, said the release allows developers to create and launch applications on their core production systems.  He called the release a “significant checkpoint” on the path toward successful delivery of the company new programming model.

–Al Sacco