by CIO Staff

SOA Can Save CIOs Billions

Jan 12, 20061 min

The AberdeenGroup’s recent SOA in IT Benchmark Report finds that the benefits of SOA are generally unrealized within IT departments. CIOs need to adopt SOA as their IT roadmap, the report argues. Currently, only 16 percent of the 300 IT and business executives polled had more than two years of SOA experience. Having an SOA makes IT easier to manage. Companies who have already implemented IT are enjoying faster deployments, easier integration, and faster updates and customizations.  

CIOs may have avoided SOA implementation so far because of the limited visibility of SOA’s value, an obstacle cited by 41 percent of the survey’s respondents. But 50 percent of respondents said that the primary reason they decided to create an SOA in their organization was to help the development of new business capabilities.   

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By Margaret Locher