by CIO Staff

Yahoo and Motorola Offer Integrated Cell

Jan 06, 20062 mins
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According to Reuters, Yahoo is unveiling a new service that would allow mobile phones and TVs to control its Web services in the way that computers currently do. The three products, under new brand name Yahoo Go, will be available in the U.S. in the next few weeks.  The Yahoo Go service will be available via millions of Nokia phones, although the company is also working with AT&T and Cingular.

Yahoo Go Mobile phone service will make Yahoo a standard for mobile screens while Yahoo Go TV will serve consumers who have TVs with PC links. Yahoo Go Desktop will combine TV and phone services to the PC.

See a USAToday interview with Yahoo’s CEO to learn about how the Internet company is reinventing itself as a media company.  

Motorola is working with Yahoo on the Yahoo Go services, but the cell phone manufacturer has lots of other things in the works. It is planning to release cell phones with Web capabilities.  The phones will have a button on the keypad that will allow users to access Google’s search engine. And yesterday, Motorola announced a 10-year deal with Eastman Kodak for improved camera phone imaging capabilities. The cross-licensing agreement permits the two companies to share their technology. They plan to expand access to mobile imaging services.  Avid user’s of Motorola’s camera phones will have an easier time printing images, either at home or at retail kiosks.

–Margaret Locher