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CIO placements from Heidrick & Struggles

Dec 19, 20052 mins

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A few months ago, a reader asked me to find out which executive recruitment firms were involved in the announcements I post on this blog.  It was an excellent recommendation and I thank that reader for it.  I do try to obtain this information, but unfortunately companies don’t want to disclose whether they used a recruiter, let alone which firm, for whatever reason.  Fortunately, thanks to an e-mail I received last week from Gerry McNamara, a recruiter with Heidrick & Struggles, I can tell you that his firm placed the following CIOs:

Joyce Young, the former CIO of CP Kelco (a JM Huber Company), is now the global CIO for EMD in Chicago. EMD, GM’s old locomotive division, was acquired by a private equity firm and spun off from the beleagured auto-maker in April.

Lexis-Nexis’s SVP and Global Product Officer Amy Bloebaum is now CIO for Henkel of America.  Henkel, based in D¿sseldorf Germany, is a manufacturer of knives and other consumer products.

Tim Reed joined McGraw Hill as EVP of enterprise services. He reports to McGraw Hill’s CIO Bruce Marcus.  Reed joined the publishing company from GM where he served as its global CIO in charge of HR systems.

David Kaufman left his post as Schering-Plough’s global vice president of supply chain to take on the CIO post at Aramark Corp

I interviewed Gerry for a short Q&A which I posted last August.