by CIO Staff

Google’s Newest Shopping Feature Premature

Dec 12, 20051 min

Google’s newest shopping feature, which would allow consumers to check whether certain local stores have particular items before they make a trip to the store, is a seductive idea. But its new shopping service may be premature because most retailers simply don’t have the systems in place that would allow them to track inventory moment by moment, according to the New York Times.

While many big merchants can provide reliable stock data on a daily basis once the store closes, inventory is constantly churning during the holiday season, when there are a lot of people chasing a handful of popular items. So the new Froogle service will be particularly difficult to provide during the holidays, research analysts say.

Thus, Google may a bit ahead of itself in suggesting that Froogle users can now find that must-have gift at a store in their neighborhood without running all over town. Google, of course, is hoping that because it is offering this service, retailers may look to sharpen their inventory tracking technology.

–Alison Bass