by CIO Staff

Paul Saffo: Comments from CIO’s The Year Ahead Conference

Nov 10, 20051 min

In his opening remarks, moderator Paul Saffo talked about trying to do your own forecasting. The first step: Think wild. Come up with contingencies, no matter how improbable, bearing in mind that truth is stranger than fiction, and think about what that would mean for your business. A good exercise, whether any of them come to pass or not.

He invited participants to share with him some “wildcards” over the course of the conference, and he promised to share them at the end. Which he did, sending conference-goers on their way thinking over these fantastical phenomena:

>> Open Vista: Microsoft opens new OS as open source.

>> 2016-2020: Former Nascar driver will be president.

>> Neurotransmitter replaces mouse/keyboard interface with computer.

We invite you to do the same! What would your world look like…. please feel free to comment on this or any other topic we’ve covered here. And we hope to see you back at the Wild Horse Pass Resort next Nov. 5-7 for CIO|07: The Year Ahead.

–Sandy Kendall