by CIO Staff

Apple Sues Creative over Patents … Again

Jun 07, 20062 mins

Apple Computer, the electronics and computer giant behind the uber-popular iPod music player, has filed a second lawsuit against Creative Technology in district court in Texarkana, Texas over at least three patents that Apple claims Creative has infringed upon, Reuters reports via The Washington Post.

Singapore-based Creative, the world’s number-two producer of MP3 players behind Apple, filed patent suits against the Cupertino, Calif.-based company in May for allegedly infringing on one of its U.S. patents. Creative was seeking an injunction to stop Apple’s alleged infringement on its “Zen” patent, as well as damages. In addition, Creative wanted the court to block Apple’s iPod sales in the United States.

The new suit brought by Apple on Thursday charges Creative with infringing on a patent that pertains to how data is displayed on a computer monitor—one for editing information on portable music and video devices, and another for generating icons to help organize data on a computer, according to Reuters.

Apple has requested damages and an injunction to stop Creative from infringing on its patents, Reuters reports.

The first suit Apple filed against Creative in May in Wisconsin charged Creative with infringing on four Apple patents, according to Reuters.

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