by CIO Staff

China Sets Up Centers to Decode Foreign Tech Standards

Jun 07, 20061 min

China will establish technical centers designed to assist Chinese companies to meet export foreign technology standards, state media reported Wednesday.

The nation’s entrance into the World Trade Organization five years ago provided Chinese manufacturers with new export opportunities, but they are being knocked back at various borders for failing to meet local standards.

Chinese companies are also losing out in copyright and patent disputes with foreign competitors, because they do not patent their inventions as aggressively as foreign competitors, Chinese officials have said.

Official Chinese statistics claim that two-thirds of China-based exporters have run into trouble with foreign standards, resulting in aggregate losses of about US$20 billion, the report said, but it did not elaborate on the source of that data.

The Ministry of Commerce initially will establish 19 centers around the country, with 100 to open by 2010, also serving non-technological industries such as textiles and foodstuffs. Chinese companies wishing to export goods will be required to have their goods inspected by the centers, with manufacturers or exporters of failed products potentially losing their export licenses.

-Steven Schwankert, IDG News Service

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