by CIO Staff

Finjan Files Patent Suit Against Secure Computing

Jun 06, 20062 mins

Cybersecurity vendor Finjan Software has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against competitor Secure Computing, Finjan announced Monday.

The lawsuit, filed against Secure Computing and subsidiaries CyberGuard and Webwasher, says the companies are infringing Finjan’s patents related to Web security, going back to 1996. Secure Computing is infringing on patents related to “systems and methods for protecting a computer and a network from hostile downloadables and/or malicious code,” Finjan said in a press release.

Finjan owns about 12 U.S. patents related to cybersecurity, the company said. Finjan’s Web security products use behavior-based technology designed to proactively repel threats such as spyware, phishing scams and malicious code.

A company spokeswoman wasn’t able to immediately provide information on the patents Finjan’s lawsuit focuses on. The company did not disclose how much money it is seeking in the lawsuit, filed Monday in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.

Finjan, based in San Jose, Calif., is part owned by Microsoft, which has called for patent lawsuit reforms since early 2005. Microsoft licensed some of Finjan’s security patents in July 2005 and acquired a minority stake in the company.

Since early 2005, Microsoft has been a leading voice in calling for several changes to the current U.S. patent system, including limiting patent infringement lawsuits and damages.

-Grant Gross, IDG News Service

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