by CIO Staff

Apple, RIM to Team Up for iPod Handheld?

Jun 05, 20062 mins
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An analyst with Canaccord Capital who last year foresaw a partnership between chip maker Intel and Research In Motion (RIM), maker of the popular BlackBerry handheld device, has made another prediction, and it involves a possible pact between RIM and Apple Computer, producer of the uber-popular iPod music player, reports.

Peter Misek, the Canaccord Capital analyst, said on Friday that Apple and RIM could potentially join forces to develop and market a wireless device built from a combination of the technologies used in RIM’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iPod, according to

Though neither Apple nor RIM has commented on the potential partnership, Misek said Apple could develop a mobile phone device featuring iPod and RIM technologies, or RIM could include Apple’s iTunes software within a future BlackBerry, reports.

Misek said both companies would benefit from such a partnership because it would enable them to break into each other’s respective market space, according to

Last month it was reported that Apple and Softbank, Japan’s third-largest cell carrier, could be in talks to build an iPod cell phone.

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