by CIO Staff

Skype Users to Get Free Conference Calls via Vapps

Jun 01, 20062 mins

Vapps, a provider of voice-over-IP (VoIP) technologies for conference calling, on Thursday announced a partnership with VoIP firm Skype to offer its users conference calls for up to 500 people at a time, free of charge, according to a June 1 Vapps press release.

Skype’s more than 100 million registered customers will be able to access the new conferencing feature via, and the service won’t cost them a dime. Users who employ a landline phone to access may be charged long-distance or national fees, according to the release.

On May 15, Skype announced an initiative that allowed its customers in the United States and Canada to place calls from their PCs to traditional landline telephones, as well as mobiles, free of charge until the beginning of 2007.

“Skype is made up of people looking to communicate with coworkers, family and friends,” said Michael Jackson, director of paid products with Skype, in the release. “With Vapps technology, conference calling can now be used, not only as a business tool, but also as a method to connect as many as 500 contacts on one call.”

The partnership between Hoboken, N.J.-based Vapps and Skype, which is owned by online auctioneer eBay, is the company’s latest move in an effort to solidify its position as a main contender in the VoIP space, which has seen an increase in competition in recent months.

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