by CIO Staff

Fujitsu Siemens Unites SAP and Windows on Blade Servers

May 31, 20062 mins

Businesses that seek greater flexibility in running software from SAP and Microsoft together on their blade servers could be interested in new hardware from Fujitsu Siemens Computers (Holding).

The Primergy BladeFrame from Fujitsu Siemens has received the SAP Adaptive Computing Compliance stamp of approval to run SAP software on the Windows platform, Bernd Kosch, vice president of alliances at Fujitsu Siemens, said Wednesday in an interview at SAP’s European customer event in Paris.

The integrated virtualization of the Primergy BladeFrame enables a free, dynamic allocation of applications to the servers, eliminating the need for dedicated boxes. As a result, SAP applications and Windows can run on any SAP-certified blade server.

The technology offers several benefits, according to Kosch.

“Today, if a server fails, it’s difficult to move all the applications to another server,” he said. “With our solution, you can make the move in 50 seconds.”

In addition to increased availability, Primergy BladeFrame helps businesses increase server utilization, reduce administrative requirements and thus lower costs.

For Linux and Unix users, Fujitsu Siemens offers its FlexFrame blade servers, which are SAP Adaptive Computing compliant.

Sapphire Paris runs through Thursday.

-John Blau, IDG News Service

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