by CIO Staff

Airgo Launches MIMO Wi-Fi for Multimedia Applications

May 31, 20062 mins

Airgo Networks, a provider of Wi-Fi related technologies, on Tuesday announced the launch of its new True Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Media technology, meant to enhance wireless services such as digital video streaming, digital voice and digital music in the home or office, according to the group’s May 30 release posted on PR Newswire.

True MIMO Media is a modified version of Airgo’s True MIMO Gen3 technology, and it’s designed specifically for multimedia applications. The technology enhances the performance of Wi-Fi multimedia applications by boosting wireless range while at the same time reducing the number of packet errors, regardless of interference, according to the release.

Airgo hopes to cater to providers of music-on-demand, Web access and voice over IP, among others, as they attempt to meet the growing consumer demand for higher quality, faster wireless multimedia applications, and converged networks of services. 

“The game has changed, and it’s all about sustaining performance at range,” said Beau Beck, Airgo’s vice president of business development, in the release. “Consumers want tools that allow them to stream video to the far reaches of the home. And so do service providers who can’t afford to gamble with performance.”

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