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Microsoft Releases 1st Mac-Specific Keyboard, Mouse

May 30, 20062 mins
Data Center

Microsoft on Tuesday released its first Mac-specific desktop, the shiny-silver Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac, which features its Comfort Curve Keyboard and a wire-free high-definition (HD) laser mouse, according to a May 30 company press release posted on Yahoo Finance.

The Comfort Curve, the only keyboard Microsoft produces without its Windows start button, works with the recently debuted Intel-based Macs, as well as PowerPC models, and it’ll feature “Hot Keys” to link to specific Mac programs like iTunes and iPhoto, according to the release. In addition to the Hot Keys, it will include five “Favorite Keys,” which can be programmed to link to users’ favorite Web locales or file folders. The keyboard is also uniquely shaped to “encourage natural hand and wrist positioning” with a built-in cushion palm rest.

“This launch further demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing the computing experience for Mac users,” said Scott Erickson, Microsoft’s director of product management and marketing for its Macintosh business unit, in the release. “We were able to preview the product at Macworld this January and saw firsthand the very favorable response from Mac customers.”

The HD mouse comes in matching silver, and it contains Microsoft’s Intelligent Tracking System, which the company says makes for smoother movement with minimal slippage. It also features a Tilt Wheel for simplified viewing of large documents or spreadsheets.

“For this product we went back to the drawing board with the specific requests of our Mac users, and are excited to deliver our first Mac-specific keyboard and mouse that provide the tools and features Mac users need to be productive,” said Rusty Jeffress, general manager of the company’s Microsoft Hardware team, in the release.

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