by CIO Staff

NBC to Offer News via Apple’s iTunes Music Store

May 26, 20061 min
Consumer Electronics

NBC, a division of General Electric, announced on Thursday that it has inked an agreement with Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple Computer, maker of the uber-popular iPod music player, to become the first broadcast news company to offer news and other programming through Apple’s iTunes Music Store, the Associated Press reports via The Wall Street Journal.

New, archived and specially produced NBC programming will be offered for $1.99 per download, and will include “Time Capsule” interviews with notable people like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, as well as special-interest content like a White House tour with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, according to the AP.

NBC will also sell interviews with rock superstars like U2 and shows such as “Tattoos: Skin Deep” and “Cops Caught on Tape,” among others, the AP reports.

Mark Lucasiewicz, vice president for digital media with NBC, told the AP, “We’re leading a trend to put our work and our journalism everywhere our viewers and users want to be.”

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