by CIO Staff

Microsoft Signs on With infoUSA to Boost Biz Search

May 25, 20062 mins

Microsoft on Wednesday said it has signed a licensing agreement with infoUSA, a database marketing and processing firm, for use of the company’s vast database of business listings, in an effort meant to enhance its local search applications, the Associated Press reports via the New York Post.

Omaha-based infoUSA’s directory assistance database of business listings contains upward of 13.5 million entries on U.S. firms, and the two companies plan to combine those listings with the 13 million entries already supplied by Chicago’s Amacai, Microsoft’s current provider, the AP reports.

The combined directory will be available to users of Microsoft’s MSN Local Search and Windows Live Local Search within the coming months, Justin Osmer, a Microsoft senior product manager, told the AP.

The announcement comes at a time when search heavies Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are all vying for larger slices of market share in the booming search space. Earlier today, eBay and Yahoo announced a partnership to help enhance their search and Web advertising offerings, and better position them for competition with Google. For more, read Yahoo, eBay Team Up to Boost Search, Ads.

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