by CIO Staff

Motorola to Release “Scalpel” Phone in ’07

May 25, 20061 min

Motorola on Wednesday said it plans to release a new cell phone in 2007 called the SCPL, pronounced “scalpel,” that will be its slimmest yet and include five unique features to differentiate it from its counterparts, Reuters reports.

Ron Garriques, who heads up Motorola’s cell phone unit, did not provide any other details, according to Reuters; but he said the company expects to sell 300 million to 500 million phones from the product line, which also includes the popular Razr flip phone, the SLVR and the PEBL.

On Monday, Motorola announced its new Moto Q mobile, which is being advertised as the world’s smallest phone that features a QWERTY keyboard.  For more, read Moto Q to Give RIM’s BlackBerry a Run for Its $.

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