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Konica Minolta Deploys Client Support System

May 25, 20062 mins
CRM Systems

Imaging giant Konica Minolta has announced the implementation of a global, client support system to improve customer problem resolution.

After an international effort to find a workflow escalation system capable of managing knowledge-base and feedback requirements, Konica Minolta selected software from Onyx to replace its previous management software and an in-house developed Notes system.

Brett Buckingham, Konica Minolta national services manager, said rapid response to customer problems is vital, as the multifunction devices it sells are highly technical.

“Our customers demand an effective [problem] resolution system. We found [Onyx] was the tool that provided the best management options and the greatest ability to customize the process,” Buckingham said.

The Onyx system connects Konica Minolta’s local sales and service operations in Australia, the United States, Japan, Germany and China to a regional center, which is linked to Tokyo headquarters. This allows service engineers, when on site at customers’ premises, to access technical information via Onyx. If necessary, a problem’s details can be sent to a regional center for evaluation and then to Japan to be distributed to relevant departments including R&D.

The system uses problem reports submitted via multiple channels, including an online Onyx portal. A knowledge base containing product and support information can be accessed globally and reviewed in multiple languages. The system allows both users and engineers to access the progress of problems and receive feedback.

“Onyx offers good support in Australia; however, we deal with its partner Resonate, rather than direct,” Buckingham said, adding Konica Minolta implemented the system over about 12 months.

The new system is being customized so that customers can take the first step, replacing the on-site service engineer.

Buckingham told Computerworld Konica Minolta Australia contributed to the customization process, while still adhering to the international standard.

Konica Minolta support infrastructure manager Yutaka Ohtani said its support specialists have been able to solve customer problems faster, and service costs have reduced since going live with the new system.

Konica Minolta did not reveal the cost of the implementation.

-Darren Pauli, Computerworld Today (Australia)

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