by CIO Staff

Photos of ‘$100 Laptop’ Available

May 24, 20061 min

A working prototype of the highly publicized $100 laptop, a product of Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative, has made an appearance on the Web.

A number of photos from the Seven Countries Task Force meeting on Tuesday are now available on the flickr website

The cost of the laptop will likely be more than the $100 first quoted, so the name of initiative was switched from $100 Laptop to the OLPC project.

Negroponte, chairman of OLPC and cofounder of MIT’s Media Lab, and his staff have been developing the PC for some time, but it wasn’t until Tuesday that the photos of the laptop, meant for usage by children in low income or developing areas, were posted online.

Mass production of the laptop is slated to begin in early 2007.

Concept photos and more information can be found on the OLPC website.

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