by Meridith Levinson

8 Steps for Project Management

Jun 01, 20061 min
Project Management Tools

1) Identify current project success rates and publish those metrics to your IT staff so they’re aware of shortfalls.

2) Set and communicate your new expectations for good project management. This may include redefining project success.

3) Provide leadership training to all managers to boost their confidence, improve their credibility with the business and prepare them for the challenges that come up over the course of projects.

4) Train staff in any new project management methodologies you’re implementing.

5) Communicate new methodologies to business users, and make sure they’re on board with new processes and procedures. If they don’t adopt them, you won’t be successful.

6) Foster joint accountability between project managers and functional managers by getting them to work together more closely on a daily basis.

7) Monitor and report on the progress of projects to hold people accountable for completing projects successfully.

8) Encourage project managers to communicate better and more frequently with project sponsors and stakeholders by evaluating them on the business value their projects provide rather than solely on whether their projects are completed on time and within budget.