by Susannah Patton

Call Center Glossary

Jun 01, 20062 mins
IT Leadership

Automatic call distributor: ACD telephone systems register incoming calls and handle them according to a database of instructions. Companies can use ACDs to validate callers and route them to the right agent.

Computer telephony integration:¿CTI integrates disparate call center systems and provides to agents’ desktops useful customer information. A typical desktop CTI application may recognize a customer’s phone number when the call comes into the PBX or IP line, access the customer’s purchasing history from the host computer and display the information to the agent.

Interactive voice response:¿IVR systems allow touch-tone phones to interact with a database.

Speech recognition:¿

Software that allows companies to automate calls that don’t require a human agent. Early speech recognition applications didn’t always work well, but newer versions are proving more accurate.

Voice over IP:¿VoIP sends voice signals over data lines instead of phone lines. Call centers and outsourcers are adopting the technology to better handle routing and call volume; it can send calls to an agent anywhere in the world. VoIP does pose some security risks and quality of service concerns.

Workforce management: Also known as job scheduling, workforce management software uses projected call levels to forecast the number of on-duty agents needed at a given time.