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Nike, Apple Team Up for iPod ‘Sport Kit’

May 23, 20061 min
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Nike and Apple Computer unveiled the first offering from their upcoming Nike+iPod line of products, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, which enables users to wear special sneakers that can track such athletic metrics as calories burned and distance traveled and then transmit that information back to an iPod nano, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Within the Sport Kit is a wireless sensor and receiver that plugs into an iPod nano, which work together to send athletic data to the music player for viewing on its screen, according to the Journal.

The Sport Kit is slated for release within 60 days, and it will retail for $29, the Journal reports.

Nike will make the first Sport Kit-compatible shoe available to the United States and United Kingdom in the middle of July, and it will be priced at $100, according to the Journal.

Nike+iPod Sport Kit
Nike+iPod Sport Kit

Over the past two weeks, both Nokia and Sony Ericsson unveiled phones with the ability to track athletic metrics, as well as listen to music. For more, read Nokia Unveils ‘Sports’ Mobile Phone and Sony Ericsson to Release Five New Mobile Phones.

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