by CIO Staff

Security Is ‘Spot’ On

May 22, 20062 mins
Consumer Electronics

Last week, Rhino Surveillance Solutions (RSS), together with network provider MTN, launched the plug and play “Spot on guard” remote video and data camera, which aims to reduce security worries.

The security solution allows users to view live or recorded video on a mobile phone, transmitted via GPRS.

RSS also automatically records what the camera captures when activated through motion detection, and saves it on its server for 30 days for user dial-in and request-specific footage, which will be helpful for insurance purposes, for example.

There are two bundle offerings for business users. For the Spot Business 37 package, the camera costs 568.86 Rand (US$88), with a monthly charge of R234.60 for 37.5MB data capability and 7.5 hours view time.

With the Spot Business 10 offering, the camera is free, and the monthly rate is R269.60 for 10MB and two hours viewing.

However, the “family” packages are much less for the same data bundles and view times, at monthly rates of R149.10 for the 37.5MB bundle and R184.10 for the 10MB bundle.

RSS MD Andrew Worthington admits that nothing stops businesses from purchasing multiple family packages for 36 percent less per month.

“However, the prices are based on usage requirements. With the family offerings, only four users have access to a single camera. However, with the business package, 10 users have access,” he says.

To make use of this solution, clients must enter into a 24-month contract with MTN, and mobile devices have to be Java-enabled, with a minimum 32k SIM card, class 4 GPRS modem and 4096 color screen with 60-by-80-pixel resolution.

-Theo Boshoff, Computing South Africa

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